Universal Allocations in SAP S/4 HANA 1909


SAP S/4 HANA Release 1909 delivers new advanced possibilities to handle allocations.

There are new apps which enable end-users to create and manage allocation cycles in an easy user-friendly way. Compared to diverse allocation transactions in SAP ECC – each with own data model and functions, the universal allocations in SAP S/4 HANA allow to handle allocations and distributions of actual and plan data for cost and profit center in the same unified way based on one common data model.

All universal allocations are created on company code – ledger level. There is no direct controlling area assignment anymore.

The new apps allow simulations of value flows for different organisational structures. They can be executed for different ledgers – leading ledger and non-leading ledgers and visualised in global and local currencies.

The results of new allocations are stored in the Universal Journal with an assignment to ledger, account number and business transaction type (BTTYPE). The latter enables to differentiate between different allocation types. 

The central Fiori-Apps for Universal Allocations are: 

Manage allocations

This app shows you a list of available allocation cycles. From the list you can navigate directly to detailed segment information of a cycle. Here you can also create a new allocation cycle by specifying  ledger, object type, validity period, company code, allocation type and plan/actual indicator. Once a cycle is created, it is possible to view it as a flow diagram showing the sender and receiver relationship and the allocated amounts. This graphical view is a big advantage for companies with multiple complex allocations cycles. It increases significantly the transparency and traceability of complex allocations. The upper picture shows an example.

Run allocations

This app provides a single point of entry to execute all types of universal allocations. From here a test run, a posting run and reverse the postings can be executed. If an allocation has failed due to errors or warnings you can analyse the reason by checking the system messages in this app.



In SAP S/4 HANA Release 1909 not all CO-objects have been integrated into Universal Allocations. Allocations for internal orders and WBS elements cannot be executed in the mentioned apps as of now. However given SAPs strategy to establish Universal Allocations as single point of entry for all kind of allocations and all relevant objects we may expect internal orders and WBS elements to be integrated in one of the next SAP S/4 HANA releases.

Learn more about SAP S/4 HANA: https://agil-on.com/en/sap-s4-hana/